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  • Debatmøde: Målstyring i vadestedet
    Onsdag, 21. Mar - 2018, 15.00 –2018-03-23 18:00:00
    Den 21. marts vil FORUM sætte offentlig styring under lup ved at drøfte Moderniseringsstyrelsens nyeste udspil - Inspirationskatalog om målstyring. Tidspunkt: 15.00 - 18.00


  • Debatmøde: Ledelseskommissionens analyse og anbefalinger
    Mandag, 30. Apr - 2018, 15.00 –18:00
    FORUM arrangerer dette forår to debatmøder hhv. øst og vest for Storebælt om Ledelseskommissionens anbefalinger. I København den 30. april og i Vejle den 14. maj. På begge møder vil et medlem af kommissionen uddybe dens anbefalinger. Anbefalingerne vil blive "anmeldt" af en fremtrædende forsker og en markant offentlig leder, - og herefter er der debat.

Newly Listed Joomla! Extensions

Find extensions for your Joomla site in the Joomla Extensions Directory, the official directory for Joomla components, modules and plugins.
  1. Tags Match

    This module for Joomla 3+ displays items selected by tag. It works with the Joomla Core Tags component. The module options allow you to select that tags that you want to match, and the module can display the items, with a link to the full item, plus an optional image with optional item text. There are several configurable options, including whether a complete or partial match is required, the content type to match, whether to filter by language, and whether to support content plugins in the item text.

    Version 1.0.1
    Is now compatible with Joomla 4
    Adds option to truncate item text

  2. World Cup 2018 Predictions

    Do you need a prediction script for the World Cup 2018 in Russia to play an awesome prediction game with friends, family! With this component you will get all groups, matches and so on pre-istalled in the component installation.

    The only thing you need to do is inviting your frieds to register at your website. After registration they can play and predict immediately until the start of the match! As soon as the match starts the prediction part will be closed and no predictions are allowed anymore. All match date and times can be configured by using the Global Joomla Timezone configuration!

    **Are you as lazy as we are? **
    No problem, we have extended the component with an optional API plugin so match results are being updated automatically and the module can show live scores on your website too! Take a look at the API plugin to update matches, predictions and scorecards automatically!

    • Live Update Support
    • SEO & SEF URLS for search machines
    • Unlimited Leagues/Groups/Matches
    • Flag support for teams
    • Prediction System
    • Configure points system for predictions
    • Official Match ID's & API Numbering
    • Automically updates match scheduels
    • Optional API Connect for WC 2018
    • Using layouts to make overrides
    • Live score module for API users
    • Showing Match Overviews
    • Showing Standings
    • Everything can be edited
    • Advanced template system
    • Show/Hide predictions untill match start

    The basic API connect gives you oppertunity to connect our API once per 5 minutes to get the scores only, the PRO version (1 minute interval API) gives you abillity to request our API every minute to get results, livescores, red/yellow card information and goals with names and so on! You don't have to enter the results yourself anymore and even predictions don't need to be updated as it is going fully automatically when using our API connects!!

  3. One Time Show

    Plugin allows you to display the content a certain number of times

    Supported Joomla versions: 3.8.0 or later

    Module settings

    • One-time display - Activates plugin
    • Number of impressions - Sets the number of impressions of the module to the visitor
    • Remember - (Always / Temporarily) Sets the time for storing cookies.
    • Time - Cookies time
  4. Geek Infinite Scrolling Image Grid

    A Joomla module that enables users to create infinite scrolling image grid on websites, which replaces traditional sliders to make web page look much more impressive. The module's rich back-end configuration will cover all built-in functionalities such as: scrolling control, thumbnail creation mode, images size, image filters and much more.

    Main Features

    • Sets scrolling direction and duration.
    • Defines a 3D rotation of image grid.
    • Supports 8 image filters (defines visual effects to an images).
    • Sets opacity of images.
    • Supports 4 thumbnail creation modes.
    • Sets image size.
    • Supports fully responsive.
    • Adds foreground content.
    • Sets background color.
    • Controls displaying of overlay.


    Version 1.0.0 - Initial Release
    Release Date: Mar 14, 2018

  5. Nexi XPay

    XPay is the payment gateway of Nexi (link a, the PayTech created from ICBPI’s and CartaSi’s experience with the aim of building the future of digital payments in Italy, in partnership with Banks.

    Nexi starts from a solid positioning on the market, which allows it to manage 27 mln payment cards, transactions for 120 bln Euro, and 733 thousand participating points of sales in Italy, including over 15 thousand e-commerce shops that use XPay gateway.

    XPay allows you to accept online payments. It is open to international schemes of payment and it is suitable to handle all sale channels (e-commerce, mobile, email).

    XPay’s payment extension for Virtuemart allows you to integrate the gateway simply and quickly to accept online, mobile or email payments all over the world. It manages the transfer of the customer from the merchant’s e-commerce site to the secure Nexi environment, and back again: the customer remains on the merchant's e-commerce site until the point of checkout, then is redirected to the secure Nexi environment to make payment. The merchant does not need to handle any sensitive data. This method doesn’t requires PCI DSS security certification.
    The extension is constantly updated with XPay evolutions and improvements.

    To use the extension, a valid XPay account is required: you can get your account easly and completely online on

    The extension is free, but to use XPay you have to pay a service fee. You can find XPay price on

    XPay extension’s features:

    • Transaction management for Visa, Mastercard, Visa Electron, V-Pay, Maestro, American Express, Diners international schemes

    • Acceptance of every type of Wallet (Nexi Pay, Masterpass and PayPal)

    • Easy checkout (XPay payment pages with merchant logo)

    • Checkout pages full responsive design (optimized for mobile, tablet and desktop)

    • Checkout pages available in 9 languages (Italian, English, French, Spanish, Portoguese, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and Russian).

    • Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC): customers can pay in euros or other currencies, with a guaranteed exchange rate

    • All available security services (Cryptographic protocols SLL-TSL, 3D procedure and CVV2 security codes, Compliance to PCI-DSS standards)

    • Integration with merchant's working environment
    Configuration of the cash mode: immediate, deferred, total or partial
    Integration through API with merchant's website
    Advanced reporting (transaction profiling of customers, management of receipts, cancellations and Refunds, contracts Management for recurring payments)
    Business continuity

    • every current account to which transfer payments for online transactions

    • Customer care (Italian commercial assistance, specialized technical support)

    For more informations


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