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    1. Hydro Raindrop MFA

      Hydro Raindrop MFA: Blockchain based Multi Factor Authentication

      Hydro MFA Plugin adds another security layer to your website using blockchain-based authentication layer. It’s designed to work out of the box and offers unparalleled security standards for your website and your users, even beating google authenticator which is prone to phishing scams.

      - Requires minimum hassle to setup
      - Intercepts the Login automatically
      - Instant Authentication

      Note: Free Hydro Mobile App is required to complete the MFA process. You can get iOS App or the Android App below.


      After Activation Process
      The following steps are necessary to enable Hydro MFA on your site:

      MFA Activation (Admin Side)
      - Create an account over at Hydrogen Website
      - Apply for Production Access. Once approved, generate your Client ID, Client Secret and Application ID,
      - Navigate to the Plugin Settings -> Hydro MFA and enter the above details, select Production Mode and the plugin is ready for use
      - There is a Theme tab which you can apply CSS to modify the MFA page.

      Note: There is a tab for production and sandbox mode credentials, please use accordingly.

      MFA Activation (User Side)
      - Your users need to download the Hydro Mobile App from the App Store (links above).
      - You are required to expose the User profile page for every user you want Hydro MFA to be enabled on
      - More specifically, the profile field of Hydro ID, your users are required to first verify themselves by entering HydroID from the mobile app
      - Done! Your site is now MFA enabled!

      - SSL (HTTPS) must be Enabled
      - PHP 7.0 or Higher

      Bug Reports
      Bug reports for Hydro MFA are welcomed on GitHub. Please note GitHub is not a support forum, and issues that aren’t properly qualified as bugs will be closed. Use the Support Tab above for support issues.


      Further Reading
      For more info on Hydro or MFA and how it’s changing the world, check out the following:

      Hydro’s Official Site:
      Hydro’s Medium Blog:
      Hydro MFA Client Side Raindrop API:

      Become a part of the fastest growing Community! Join Hydro Community:

      Are you a developer interested in expanding the Hydro ecosystem and earning bounties? Visit Hydro HCDP Github Page:

      Follow Hydro on

      This plugin was created on behalf of Hydrogen with contributions by:

      Dave Morton
      Jonah Hall
      Timothy Allard

    2. No Boss Notices

      View at the top of your site or any other notification area you want to give your visitors. You can, for example, display a promotion, a schedule change notice, among others. In addition to the message, you can parameterize a counter, discount coupon, outbound links and more.


      Start with a ready to use theme that most adapts to your needs.


      Add a countdown next to a promotion or lauching warning.


      Display a static or animated image (.gif) to draw even more attention.

      Discount Coupon

      Display in a featured way a discount coupon also being able to define specific styles.

      Display control

      Set display rules for each notification, if you do not want it to always appear to the user.


      Obtain great results in mobile and desktop with settings by screen resolution.

      Infinite possibilities

      Customize the layout editing fonts, colors, backgrounds, spacings and much more.

      Constant updates

      Get access to the release of new themes and resources.

      Unlimited items

      Do more in your site creating as many records as you want.

      Performance and secutiry

      Use an extension developed and tested within performance and security requirements.

      SEO and Accessibility

      Make use of scripts developed and tested to be accessible and optimized to search engines.

      Qualified support

      Be served by a support team with more than ten years experience in Joomla.

    3. CG Isotope

      Simple Isotope Module has been adapted to become a ** Component**.

      CG Isotope Does everything Simple Isotope ( is doing, but .....being a component, no need to put it in an article anymore.

      Of course, you'll be able to sort/filter articles, weblinks, K2 articles with smooth effects as it's using Isotope library (

    4. Digi Showcase - Users Expansion Pack

      By this plugin you can use Joomla users as data source in the Digi Showcase module.

      This plugin can exploit the following data:

      • Name
      • Email address
      • Registration date
      • Users group (the user group to which the user belongs)
      • Avatar image (taken from Gravatar via the user's email address)
      • Link (taken from the User Profile plugin)

      For more informations read Digi Showcase description.

    5. Mobile Connect

      Joomla Mobile Connect - Introducing a new login module which is based on a more secure digital identification process. This module will change the old fashion of site login since there is no need to remember the user id and password for login in a site. As a user, you need to just enter your Mobile Connect register mobile number along with the country code.

      - Basic login and registration functionality through Mobile Connect.
      - A user can Add their own login module within our module view.
      - If not required, Hide Logout button option is added in the configuration.
      - It provides a more secure identification process.

      For any query or issue please create a support ticket here


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