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Newly Listed Joomla! Extensions

Find extensions for your Joomla site in the Joomla Extensions Directory, the official directory for Joomla components, modules and plugins.
  1. Zh OpenStreetMap

    Component for dispaying maps by Leaflet library. You can also use module and plugin.

    You can
    * create and display any numbers of maps, placemarks
    * multilingual interface
    * configurate many settings (Zoom, Map Type...)
    * markers can include site reference and image, and HTML code
    * you can use contact and user information in placemarks
    * you can use OpenTopoMap layer
    * you can use plugin to call from K2 items
    * you can add custom map types and use it

    In future will be added
    * you can set rate for your placemarks
    * you can create polygons (areas)
    * you can create different layers

    Developed using Leaflet
    Developed for Joomla 3.x

    You should keep in mind - the extension archive is more than 2M: The File Size Upload Limit (uploadmaxfilesize) on your Web Server might be set to low to allow larger files to be uploaded. By default PHP allows files up to 2 MB.

  2. Article thumbnail button

    This extension allows you easy and fast insert into your article links to another articles with thumbnail image.
    If you want to add to your article link to to the any of your articles? you can just select it from the list of articles and block with the Intro image, Intro text and the header will be created.

    Easy way to create cool links inside your article.

    - easy to use
    - lightweight
    - no additional scripts on the frontend
    - fully adjustable design
    - seo frendly

  3. n3t Hidden Captcha

    Add hidden field captcha to your forms.

    This captcha is based on very simple idea, bots tries to fill all the fields in the form, or at least those "interesting" for them.

    This captcha plugin adds field to the form, but hides it from humans. If there is any submitted value in the field, submission is rejected.

  4. TradingView Chart

    Display advanced charts from TradingView. This module displays any market, stock , asset currency, cryptocurrency value in realtime (updated in realtime) with rich trading indicators, volume, RSI, Ichimoku cloud, Bollinger Bands, Moving Averages etc... With all the nice trading view features. Module is highly customizable you you can choose to display a simple chart or a fully fatured module with chart details , calendar, news etc...

  5. OpenStreetMap Custom Field

    This OpenStreetMap custom field plugin for Joomla allows your users to easily set one or more markers/areas/maps to any Joomla item (supporting custom fields (Joomla articles, contacts etc...). In edition mode, it shows a map the editor can click to set a marker. It can also click to have own current coordinates detected (if shared) and an address search field. It also has a area radius slider. In the front end , the plugin shows the map, marker and area as set with a fullscreen support. If you set multple occurences of the field, the plugin can render every each marker and area in the same one map. In that case the zoom setting is ignore and the map will land making sure every marker is displayed. The plugin uses OpenStreetMap so it does not require an API key, but Mapbox maps are supported with a Mapbox API key.

    Requirement: J3.7+

    OpenStreetMap Field plugin is one of these new Joomla plugin types introduced in Joomla 3.7. Fields plugin are supported by core Joomla articles, Joomla users, and Joomla contacts items.

    Main Features:

    • Advanced OpenStreetMap for Joomla Articles, Joomla Contacts and other extensions supporting core Joomla custom fields
    • Multiple instances supported nested (or not) on one single map when rendered
    • Each marker can have own radius colored polyline to set an area around a location
    • Custom styling for maps if using Mapbox API (optional)
    • Each marker can have own info window
    • Input for each entry stores: latitude, longitude, zoom, radius
    • jQuery dynamic slider for radius range setting
    • Set locations clicking on a map and/or dragging markers or using an autocomplete address search
    • Quick 'Get Current Location' button
    • Responsive


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